Access control and alarm systems – what’s the difference?

Technology and security systems are constantly updated, modernised and improved. Years ago, access control wasn’t available. Simple alarm systems were all that was available to those wanting to secure their homes and businesses.

Nowadays, however, security systems are a lot more comprehensive. They let you not only grant access but also restrict access. These security systems can, for example, restrict access to server rooms or finance divisions where petty cash is kept. They can also restrict certain personnel from entering an office building during the weekends.

Access control and alarm systems – what’s the difference between?

An alarm system, as you know, is a security system put in place to protect your premises. It can be set or activated to protect your home or business when you’re not there.

As you know, alarm systems don’t stop others from entering your property, nor do they grant access to anyone. They simply notify you and your security company when someone has attempted to enter your premises.

Comparatively, access control, despite being a type of security system, does the opposite. These systems both restrict and allow access to various people.

Ultimately, this type of security system lets you select who you’d like to give access to and when. They also lets you restrict the access of specific staff members and lets you keep specific people out, such as disgruntled ex-employees or persistent door-to-door travellers.

When it comes to access security there is an array of access control security mechanism available. You can opt for identification-based access where cards, magnetic tags or identification badges gain you entry into specific areas.

There are also keypad and biometric access control systems. These systems are both very effective and difficult to hack – making them a favourite among businesses.

Essentially, alarm systems ring the warning bells and notify you of attempted breaking and entering or trespassing, where as access control ensures those who aren’t welcome can’t gain access.

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