Access Control

The Benefits Of Having Access Control Systems

Few employers want to allow all their employees access to all facilities all of the time. That’s why more and more businesses are using electronic access control solutions to limit employees’ admission to certain areas.

An electronic access control system can be used to allow only authorised employees into a building after hours. This provides excellent documentation of when and where employees enter and exit. As a result, improving security.

The system is also the only technology that proactively attempts to keep unauthorised individuals out of a facility. It’s also a perfect complement to video surveillance, burglar and fire systems. Ultimately, combining for a comprehensive security system.

The access control system is an extremely effective deterrent. It provides a very efficient means of granting entry . This ensures a high level of building and property security. Through preventing just one serious loss incident per year an access control system more than pays for itself.

In addition to asset protection, it provides assurance that employees will be protected. The system allows entry to only authorised individuals and keeps unwelcome intruders out by restricting individual movement. The access control system not only restricts who can go where at certain times of the day and night, it also provides a trail of the times that individuals are accessing facilities. Business managers can easily find out who was in a specific area at the exact time that an incident occurred.

An access control system eliminates problems associated with mechanical key and lock systems. For example, the time and cost of replacing keys when an employee’s contract is terminated is no longer an issue. The cost of duplicate keys, lost keys, tracking who has the keys and worrying about easy-to-duplicate keys landing up in the wrong hands is something that an access control system prevents.

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