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Australian Security Company provides installation, service and monitoring of electronic security alarm systems, utilising advanced technology to protect your home or business 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. We service throughout Australia, predominately across the entire eastern seaboard, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Our head office is based in Southport, Gold Coast as well as having offices on the West End, Brisbane and man-power in Sydney & Melbourne. We specialise in electronic security from the smallest alarm systems, to high-end security management systems, CCTV and Access Control Systems. Naturally our fully trained service technicians are available 24 hours a day

Monitored alarms provides a higher level of security and are fast becoming a standard device to safeguard both homes and businesses. The security is assured by connecting a transmitting device such as a GPRS dialer (wireless) or a modem dialer (phone line). GPRS alarms assure a higher level of security as it utilises wireless mobile phone SIM card technology which can contact our Monitoring Centre as soon as any part of the alarm equipment is either tampered with or activated.

Alarm Monitoring Systems are recommended for:

  • Home Alarm Systems and Home Security Systems
  • Business Alarm Systems and Business Security Systems
  • Corporate Alarm Systems and Corporate Security Systems

Home Alarm Systems and Monitoring

You can’t monitor your home 24 hours a day but at Australian Security Company we can. From our Security Monitoring Centre our highly trained and licensed operators ensure the protection of your home and possessions.

Australian Security Company is always there for you, with professional home security solutions and fast house alarm response tailored just for you.

Back to base monitored security systems will provide a response to all alarm situations. Whether it’s a movement sensor, smoke alarm, medical alert or panic button which has activated, the Australian Security Company team will make sure you and your home are safe.

Having monitored smoke alarms as part of your security system means Australian Security Company will respond to help keep you safe from fire emergencies when you are home and keep your property, possessions and family safe when you are not.

Business and Corporate Alarm Systems and Monitoring

Our main focus at Australian Security Company is to provide customised security alarm systems and monitoring solutions that meet our customers’ individual needs. We provide safe and secure security services and systems, giving you and your business peace of mind. From large residential apartment blocks through to corporate buildings and industrial warehouses, we will have a package that matches your exact requirements and budget.

Our Monitoring Centre gives you complete confidence that Australian Security Company’s security monitoring solution will protect your employees, business and assets. Our highly trained and licensed security officers and consultants are available to perform an assessment of your requirements and ensure you receive the most appropriate security solution to meet your needs.

Why Monitor an Alarm?

We are all used to hearing, and often ignoring, the sounds of sirens and the alarm bells from buildings and vehicles. For this reason customers rely on Australian Security Company’s alarm monitoring service so they can be assured that someone will respond to any emergency.


Australian Security Company knows security camera surveillance is one of the most effective crime prevention tools. This is why we use closed circuit television (CCTV) as an integral part of our business. Australian Security Company’s closed circuit television (CCTV) solution watches your home or business when you can’t. We have high definition digital video and IP surveillance systems available to suit any budget. That said, there is also a wide range of quality and functionality available – all of which must be assessed prior to your investment.

Alarm Video Verification

Significant improvements in communications technology  and the onset of NBN over the past few years, have made video verification a viable option in many security applications. Alarm Video Verification is a service Australian Security Company offers to monitored clients who have networked CCTV surveillance systems installed at their properties. When an alarm signal is received in our monitoring centre, the footage from your CCTV system onsite is also accessed. This footage is then viewed to assist in determining what events are occurring onsite at the time of the alarm activation. In the event of a confirmed break and enter onsite, a verified alarm is treated with higher priority by the Police and will elicit a faster response time. Chat to one of our security specialists and they will guide you in all you need to know from alarm monitoring Brisbane to the benefits of Alarm Video Verification.