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Home Security for the Holiday Season

January 19, 2017 at 1:51 am

Holiday Seasons tend to bring about a spike in the number of property thefts as opportunists target homes and property.  So perhaps it is timely to consider how to keep your home secure and reduce the risk of being a target for thieves with good home security for the holiday season and all year round.

Home security starts with being able to securely lock up your home.  Therefore firstly check that all locks are in good working order, and repair and replace as required; ensuring appropriate locks have been installed for all doors and windows.  Electricity suppliers can also provide advice on appropriate locks for your power metre to avoid any interference with potential intruders interrupting your power supply. You may also consider installing additional security measures to beef up your protection including solid doors, deadlocks, grills, shutters, peep holes, security screens or alarms.

When at home you should always keep your doors locked, and car secure.  Many thieves will take advantage of opportunistic break-ins if they discover property left unlocked.  It’s important to also ensure your car always remains locked, as cars left unlocked with a remote for the garage door offer a simple way for an intruder to have full access to the home.

Have good lighting on the outside of your home to limit opportunities for anyone to hide.  The installation of sensor lights are a great deterrent and report any broken street lights to council so they are repaired.  If you have trees, shrubs and other vegetation around the home, keep them well maintained and trimmed to limit possible hiding spots.

Some additional tips are to lock up sheds and garages, keep valuables out of sight and stored in a safe place, guard your keys and store and lock away items that can be used in a break in such as ladders, hammers or other tools.  It’s a good idea to know who your neighbours are as they can also keep a look out over your property and let you know if they see anything unusual.  They can also help collect the mail and return bins when you are on holidays, so that there isn’t a build up of letters and junk mail making it obvious that no one is home.

Essentially by keeping your property neat and tidy, locked up with good security systems, you will be much more secure and less likely to be a target.  Contact the Australian Security Company to discuss the installation of some security systems that are tailored to suit your requirements, click here.