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Alarm Monitoring Centre

We, at the Australian Security Company, deliver customised security monitoring. We operate throughout Australia and across the entire Eastern Seaboard — including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Ultimately, using the latest security technologies, the internet and independent networks, we’re able to send alarm information from your premises to our Alarm Monitoring Centre.

Located on the Gold Coast and built to Australian Security Standards AS2201-2-2004, our integrated control centre is state-of-the-art. Our alarm monitoring centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

At the Australian Security Company, our highly trained and licensed operators will take immediate action to reduce any risk to your property and possessions. As a result, our security monitoring centre teams will respond at the first sign of any irregularity or disturbance.

First, we’ve designed our Alarm Monitoring Centre service to give you peace of mind. Business premises and employees or your household and possessions, our Alarm Monitoring Centre service ensures you’re protected.

Benefits of Australian Security Company’s Monitoring Centre:

  • Freehold building.
  • 24/7 operations.
  • Operators are fully licensed and trained.
  • Ongoing competency based training programmes for staff.
  • Exceptional security standards for the monitoring centre – construction, locking – electronic protection.
  • Recording of all inwards / outwards communications (and event retention for up to five years).
  • Fully redundant power source, including generator and UPS.
  • Direct communication with emergency service.

Our back to base monitored security systems provide a response to all alarm situations. Whether it’s a movement sensor, smoke alarm, medical or panic button alert, our team will make sure you and your home or business are safe.

Why Monitor an Alarm?

Often, we ignore the sound of alarms and sirens because they have become familiar noises. However, the Australian Security Company’s alarm monitoring services ensure that when your alarm triggers in an emergency, we will respond and assist you.


We, at the Australian Security Company, know that security cameras and property surveillance are effective crime prevention tools. For this reason, we use closed-circuit television (CCTV) as an integral part of our business.

Above all, our closed-circuit television (CCTV) solution keeps a watchful eye on your home or business when you can’t. We not only offer high-definition digital video and IP surveillance systems to suit your budget. We also have a wide range of functional, high-quality security cameras available.

Alarm Video Verification

Alarm Video Verification is a service the Australian Security Company offers clients who have networked CCTV surveillance systems installed on their properties.

In fact, improvements in communications technology and the onset of Australia’s National Broadband Network over the past few years has made video verification a viable option in many security applications.

Essentially, when our Alarm Monitoring Centre receives an alarm signal, we will assess the on-site footage from your CCTV system. From here on, we review the footage to determine what events have occurred during the on-site alarm activation. In the event of a confirmed break in, the Police will prioritise your verified alarm alert which will, of course, prompt a fast response time.

Want to know about alarm monitoring in Brisbane or our Alarm Video Verification? Whatever your security needs, Australian Security Company can help. Give us a call and one of our licensed and highly trained security consultants will ensure you receive a security solution suited to your needs.

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