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Security Patrols Available in Brisbane

Australian Security Company has highly trained and fully licensed Mobile Security Patrol Officers to secure and patrol your premises when required. Our Patrol Services operate throughout Australia, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Our patrolman are roaming throughout our operational area in specialised security vehicles 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For this reason we are available for immediate response to any alarm activation’s or perceived threat  received in our Grade A1 compliant Security Monitoring Centre. Our mobile patrol service ensures that your premises are secure, remain locked and secure during the night.

Patrol Checks

Australian Security Company has dedicated and professional patrol supervisors ensuring the service is carried out to our clients expectations. Regular patrol services are both cost effective and a powerful crime preventative. Our highly visible mobile patrol cars and mobile patrol management system has proved to be one of the most cost effective deterrents for our customers throughout our operational footprint.

Australian Security Company holds customers keys at no charge. Should your site require a mobile patrol to open the premises and/or walk through to locked off areas, our patrolman will conduct the patrol accordingly. We have innovated software that manages customer key registrations to give you peace of mind and ensure we do our very best at securing & protecting our clients.

Alarm Response

If your alarm system is operational, connected to our alarm monitoring centre, Australian Security Company is able to respond to your alarm upon receiving an activation.Australian Security Company patrol officers can respond to your alarm quickly and without fuss. If your premises’ security is compromised, our monitoring centre will liaise directly with you and can easily arrange an after hours static guards, to minimize disruption to your life.

Australian Security Company’s Mobile Patrol services include but are not limited to:

  • Marked and unmarked security vehicles
  • Alarm Responses.
  • Temporary patrols for holiday periods.
  • Visible patrol units who stay in constant contact with our Monitoring Centre
  • Compact patrol zones for fast responses
  • Weekly, daily or as needed patrol log reports sent by mail, fax or email

In our addition to our mobile patrols service, Australian Security Company provide a manned guarding service to ensure our clients premises are protected. Our manned Guarding Services provide customers with fully-trained, professional Security Guards, who are constantly evaluated and monitored to ensure we provide industry leading service levels. To find out more about our manned guarding division, please visit the guarding services page.