Improve your security with this DIY security checklist

At the Australian Security Company, our mission is to ensure the security of our clients. Ultimately, the safety of our clients, their families and property is our top priority.

It is important to realise, we not only aim to provide security services to our clients. We also strive to help our clients put their own security measures in place. Enabling them to protect themselves.

With this in mind, we͛ve put together a security checklist to help protect what matters to you – your home and family.

DIY Security Checklist:

Have you had break-ins in your neighbourhood recently?

Is your street well-lit at night?

Are your valuables visible from your neighbour’s property or the street?

Are your valuables stored in a safety deposit box or a safe?

Do you lock all the doors at night or when you leave the premises?

Do your doors and windows have deadbolts or extra locks on them?

Are your pathways and entryways well lit?

Can you restrict access to your backyard with a gate or fence?

Do any of your neighbours or staff have a spare key or access to your property?

In case of a break in, do you have an emergency escape plan?

Do you have a home security system installed?

Do you have a company that monitors your alarm system?

Do you have security cameras installed?

Obviously, it is important to note that our security checklist is merely an aid to help you and your family. It certainly isn’t a ͚one-size-fits-all͛ answer to your household security. Nor does it replace the need for a professionally monitored security system.

If you don͛t currently have a security system in place, please give us a call. We will perform an obligation-free security assessment of your home or business premises.

We͛d also be more than happy to assist you and talk you through the various home security options available to you.

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