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Alarm Systems

Monitored alarm systems provide better security and are fast becoming standard devices used to protect both homes and businesses.

From the smallest alarm systems, to high-end security management systems, CCTV and Access Control Systems. Australian Security Company specialise in electronic security.

When Australian Security Company monitors your alarm, you can rest assured that your alarm system is being carefully observed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, our staff are fully trained and licensed. We also have proficient crime fighting forces who proactively combat crime to protect your home or business. This team’s first priority is always the personal safety of your family, management, staff and clients, closely followed by the security of your home or business.

As part of our service, we customise your alarm response instructions to suit your needs. This includes who you want notified when your alarm triggers and when you need a patrol officer.

If someone accesses your business alarm outside of your normal operating hours, you can even select who you want notified about it.

Polling rates & Alarm Monitoring Fee’s

Australian Security Company will always consider what our clients want and tailor a solution accordingly.  Understanding what an Alarm Poll rate is and the subsequent effect on your security is essential in determining what level of security your premises requires as well as matching the level of security to your budget.

Like any electronic device your alarm system is prone to malfunctioning, ‘giving-up’ or just not operating as it should. As a precaution it is always suggested that your alarm system is serviced at least once a year however to ensure that your alarm system is functioning throughout the year, there is a function programmed into the alarm panel which sends a ‘test’ signal (poll) to our alarm monitoring centre. This ensures that the alarm panel is working & communicating. Should Australian Security Company not receive this ‘test’ signal, our trained control centre operators will follow our standard operating procedures and make contact with you to inform that the alarm system is not communicating.

The level of security your site requires determines the frequency of the poll rate, Australian Security Company offers:

  • Telephone monitoring – 24 hour poll rate

With the onset of NBN, and the requirement for a GPRS device (see our NBN page for more information) the following increased poll rates are in effect:

  • GPRS monitoring – 12 hour poll rate
  • GPRS monitoring – 1 hour poll rate
  • GPRS monitoring – 2 minute poll rate

Please visit to find out when NBN will roll out in your area. Contact the Australian Security Company and one of our security specialists will offer you an obligation free assessment. Our security specialists will be more than happy to assist, discuss with you which is the best solution for your premises as well as offer an obligation free security assessment should you require.

Why you need to monitor an alarm

Nowadays, alarms and sirens have become noises we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Which is why we often ignore them. Our alarm monitoring services ensure that when your alarm is triggered in an emergency, we will respond and assist you.

Alarm Monitoring Systems are recommended for:

  • Home Alarm Systems and Home Security Systems
  • Business Alarm Systems and Business Security Systems
  • Corporate Alarm Systems and Corporate Security Systems

Home Alarm Systems and Monitoring

From our Security Monitoring Centre, our highly trained operators work hard to ensure your home and possessions are protected. At the Australian Security Company, we understand that you can’t monitor your home 24 hours a day. That’s why we provide professional home security solutions and fast home alarm responses that are tailored to your needs.

Incorporating monitored smoke alarms into your home security system provides your household with an added layer of protection. In the event of a fire, we’ll send a response team to help keep your property and family safe.

Our monitored security systems provide a response to all alarm situations. Whether it’s a movement sensor, smoke alarm, medical alert or panic button, our team will make sure you and your home are safe.

Business and Corporate Alarm Systems and Monitoring

At the Australian Security Company, we focus on providing tailored security alarm systems and monitoring solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We also pride ourselves on providing our customers with reliable security services and systems.

From large residential apartment blocks and corporate buildings to industrial warehouses, we develop security packages to meet your needs and budget. Our Security Monitoring Centre, also has highly trained operators who are tasked with keeping your business, assets and employees safe.

To ensure you receive a security solution suited to your needs, give us a call. One of our licensed and highly trained security consultants will contact you.

Please contact our offices or leave your contact details below and we will call you back.