Home Surveillance: Two Types Of Security Every Modern Home Needs

For some, home surveillance is a security precaution that has saved lives. For others, home surveillance seems to be a security development that gives others access to their home and personal space.

We’re here to set the record straight! We want to help you understand what home surveillance is and how it could benefit you and your household:

Home Surveillance: Alarm monitoring – we watch your alarm signals, not you.

As we’ve mentioned in our blog, “What does Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Mean,” alarm monitoring is a service that allows security professionals to monitor your security system’s signals and alerts.

Despite its name, alarm monitoring has absolutely nothing to do with watching you. It’s actually all about your alarm and it’s signals.

As a matter of fact, alarm monitoring is the reason emergency services and the authorities know when to assist you. Simply by reading and assessing the signals sent from your alarm to our monitoring centre, we can tell if you need assistance.

Home Surveillance: CCTV cameras – keeping an eye out to protect you.

Using security cameras to keep an eye on a property isn’t a new development – in fact, businesses have been using CCTV cameras for years. Nevertheless, when it comes to using CCTV cameras in a home environment as a security measure, people worry about their privacy.

Let us clear up why CCTV cameras are an ideal way to protect your home and your family:

Reason 1: CCTV cameras act as a deterrent in both home and business contexts. The reason? Criminals are less likely to try their luck if they know the property is being watched by cameras.

Reason 2: A professional security company will install CCTV cameras in strategic areas to capture and criminal activity near your home and around your property.

Speaking as security professionals who conduct CCTV installations on a regular basis, at no point should your CCTV cameras be inside your home – not unless you’ve requested it.

Reason 3: If something should happen in or near your home, your CCTV camera will capture it.

This means you could capture and record important evidence that could help in the apprehension of a suspect. It could also assist you with insurance claims if a natural disaster strikes or an act of vandalism occurs, for example.

Feeling a little more at ease with the idea of home surveillance? Education about various security measures is just as important as having those security measures in place.

Ultimately, if you are afraid or unsure about your security system it’s not doing its job properly. Security systems aren’t only meant to make you feel safe, their primary function is to keep you safe.

Considering installing one or both of these amazing modern home security measures? Contact Us and we’ll assist you with an obligation-free security assessment.

Looking for security solutions for your business? We, the Australian Security Company, will assist you with a security solution that fits your pocket and your needs.

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