Your alarm system & NBN

Is your alarm system NBN ready? You’ve no doubt heard of the National Broadband Network (NBN) being rolled out across Australia. The existing analog phone lines and internet network infrastructure will be upgraded during the roll out. The upgrade will replace the existing analog telephone lines to digital broadband. Once the roll out is complete in your area you will no longer have access to a fixed-line analog telephone which may affect how your alarm system communicates with an alarm monitoring provider. Once the analog telephone lines are removed there is a big possibility that your alarm system may not be able to communicate with an alarm monitoring centre.

At Australian Security Company we will continue to protect what matters to you, your home, family and business. During the transition we can advise and guide you on an alternative communications path should you need one.

With Australian Security Company, you’re in safe hands.

Why is the government rolling out the NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will provide 93% of Australian homes, schools and workplaces in urban and regional towns with high-speed internet and phone access to optical fibre. This will give people across Australia better access to services such as eHealth and streaming TV, along with many other internet-based services.

Why will I need to make a change?

The majority of existing alarm systems in Australia utilise the analog telephone as a means to communicate alarm signals to an alarm monitoring centre. Once the analog telephone lines are removed and replaced with a digital connection, your alarm system may not be able to communicate with an alarm monitoring centre.

Australian Security Company is recommending the use of a GPRS unit which will enable your alarm system to communicate independently from an analog telephone and/or NBN.

Any one of the many 3G Wireless solutions currently available through Australian Security Company will provide an independent wireless communications path that is not reliant on the NBN network and will make your transition to the NBN as easy and seamless as possible and in many cases will save you money.

One of the main benefits to switching to a 3G wireless solution is the capability of controlling your alarm system from our mobile application. You will be able to arm and/or disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world with your cell phone application.

When must I make the change?

It may be wise to consider making the necessary changes prior to NBN rolling out in your area. Once the upgrade has been completed you may be at risk of your alarm system not communicating at the very moment the upgrade happens. A recent news article details how the NBN roll out has suddenly affected thousands of homes & businesses in Australia – news article

Some of the advantages of changing to a GPRS monitored solution;

  • Hassle free transition to GPRS monitoring
  • No phone line required or unwanted call charges
  • Option to operate alarm via a mobile app
  • Increased security on polled GPRS network

Give Australian Security Company a call on (07) 5532 6644 when NBN comes to your area. We will make sure your system can still communicate with our Grade A1 compliant 24/7 Security Monitoring Centre to give you confidence that you’re protecting what’s most precious to you.

Please visit if you would like to know when NBN will be rolled out in your area.

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