Residential alarm monitoring, is it necessary in close-knit neighbourhoods?

The short answer, yes! Close-knit communities often think they don’t need security measures like residential alarm monitoring in place. This idea, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

In closer knit neighbourhoods it actually pays to have alarm monitoring in place. In reality, residential alarm monitoring not only benefits your family, it also helps keep the rest of your neighbourhood safe.

How could residential alarm monitoring help your neighbourhood?

If a crime or an attempted crime takes place in your immediate area, residential alarm monitoring can help alert your community. Not to mention, alarm monitoring can help you notify your neighbours of any immediate danger.

You see, alarm monitoring, as explained in our previous blog, ‘What does Back to Base Alarm Monitoring mean?”, is a service that allows security professionals to monitor your security system.

To put it simply, alarm monitoring is when your alarm system speaks to our monitoring centre. The communication between your alarm system and our monitoring centre means we can receive alerts and notifications from your system.

Once your alarm system has contacted our monitoring centre, our professional and fully-trained staff make it their mission to contact you. We also contact the relevant authorities – should the need arise.

This gives you the opportunity to inform your community and help them stay vigilant. It also helps bring your community closer as you become actively involved in your community’s safety.

Think your neighbourhood could benefit from residential alarm monitoring services? Contact us and we’ll perform an obligation-free security assessment on your home.

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