Are Security Cameras Just A Fad Or Are They Here To Stay?

For years we’ve seen security cameras in shopping centres and airports, but nowadays business owners and homeowners are investing in security cameras too. Is this just a fad or are security cameras here to stay?

As security specialists, we can say without a doubt CCTV systems and security cameras are here to stay. Don’t believe us? Here are 3 reasons why security cameras aren’t just a fad:

Reason 1: A Deterrent

Not only are these camera systems important security tools, they are also a fantastic way to deter any unwanted attention.

In fact, many accept CCTV systems to be one of the most effective crime prevention tools. The very presence of a security camera can help dissuade criminal activity, including theft, assault and even robbery.

Reason 2: A Watchful Eye

Simply put, CCTV cameras watch your property when you aren’t there. For both homes and businesses, alarm systems are an excellent way to protect your premise and your people. But, security cameras can provide a whole new level of security and protection.

After all, they can tirelessly keep watch over your entire property as well as record and document any goings-on, including suspicious activity near your property or vandalism to your property.

Reason 3: Evidence

Unfortunately, not all security camera footage receives video verification. However, that doesn’t mean your security cameras won’t pick up important things.

For example, if for some reason a robbery occurs or someone vandalises your property, your CCTV cameras can record and collect evidence of the crime.

It is important to note that there are strict policies in place to ensure no doctored or edited video enters evidence. That’s why your CCTV footage may not make it to the courtroom.

You can, however, use your CCTV camera footage to assist your local authorities. You can also submit your security camera footage as proof to your insurance company when you put a claim in.

Are you interested in upgrading your security system? We, the Australian Security Company, have high definition digital video and IP surveillance systems available to suit any budget. We also offer a wide range of cameras that vary in quality and functionality.

To find out more about CCTV systems and security cameras give us a call. We’d be happy to assist you with both your home and business security.

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