Three reasons you don’t need to contact a separate surveillance company.

When it comes to security cameras and surveillance, people often think they need to contact a separate surveillance company. This, however, isn’t true. We, the Australian Security Company, set up and activate surveillance systems ourselves.

As a matter of fact, we’re able to set up CCTV camera surveillance systems for you. We also provide security patrol services to help deter criminal activity not to mention, keep an eye on your business property when you aren’t there.

Here are three reasons you don’t need to contact a separate surveillance company. All you need to do is give us, the Australian Security Company, a call:

1) Stress-free set up and activation

We provide both set up and activation for a variety of security solutions, including CCTV surveillance systems, alarm monitoring systems and, of course, alarm systems.

Ultimately, working with us means there’s no need to hire an installation crew and a separate team to activate your security system. We do it all for you!

2) Your choice of surveillance systems

As mentioned previously, we don’t only provide CCTV-based surveillance, we also provide a number of other surveillance-type services. This includes alarm monitoring and patrol services.

You see, surveillance combined with your run-of-the-mill alarm system not only improves your security, it also helps deter any chance-takers.

Basically, surveillance, whether it be CCTV cameras or patrols, discourages criminal behaviour. In fact, there have been studies that prove this. Find out more here.

3) All your security needs in one place

With the Australian Security Company handling all your security needs, there aren’t any hidden costs. Using one security company also means a delay in communication is less likely.

Using a single security company to handle all your security needs is a sure-fire way to ensure you receive the best and most efficient service.

If, for instance, your CCTV cameras pick up unwanted activity on your business property, we’ll contact you and the officials to notify you. We’ll also send a team to ensure your property is safe.

If you’re interested in CCTV cameras, guard patrols or alarm monitoring, please contact us via our website:

You’re also welcome to contact us for an obligation-free security assessment, or advice on security surveillance.


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