What does Back to Base Alarm Monitoring mean?

‘ Back to base alarm monitoring ’ seems to be the newest buzzword in the security industry, but what does it actually mean?

Years ago, people installed alarm systems and only paid attention to them during emergencies. However, thanks to modern technologies, the security industry is now able to offer more comprehensive protection.

Ultimately, back to base alarm monitoring is a service that allows security professionals to monitor your security system. In layman’s terms, back to base alarm monitoring is your alarm system speaking to a monitoring centre.

There are three different methods alarm systems can communicate with alarm monitoring control centres:

1) Using your own home phone line – this method is convenient because it works during power outages. With the onset of the NBN rollout, your telephone phone line will be changed from analogue to digital.  As a result, this will not allow your alarm system to communicate with our monitoring centre.

2) Using wireless cellular radio frequencies (GPRS) similar to the ones cell phones use. This method also allows you to stay connected during a power outage. Australian Security Company have a range of solutions which ensure the correct solution is applied depending on your circumstances. Please visit our Alarm Monitoring page to learn more.

3) Using a Internet Protocol (IP) system which makes use of Internet. Unfortunately, this type of connection has it’s limitations as there is no back-up power supply and will malfunction during power outages.

With this in mind, it is important to note that back to base alarm monitoring protects you, your property and your people – whether it be your business and employees, or your home and family.

At Australian Security Company, we offer back to base monitoring services for households and businesses. We also have highly trained staff stationed at our own state-of-the-art alarm monitoring control centre. Having our own alarm monitoring control centre means we’re able to keep any eye on your premises, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a result, we are able to act and notify you of any alarm activations without any delay. Not to mention, our ability to contact the authorities on your behalf, should the need arise.

Back to base alarm monitoring is a service Australian Security Company offer to both homes and businesses with functioning alarm systems. Don’t have a functioning alarm system? Our team are happy to visit your site and perform an obligation-free assessment to ensure your security requirements are handled professionally.

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